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Sulphur Phramework is an object oriented PHP Framework for rapid application development maintained by Emrah Somay


Sulphur Phramework has everything you would expect from a modern PHP Framework AND MORE

  • MVC ( Model View Controller )
  • Object-Orientation
  • multilevel Template-Engine with caching option
  • Comprehensive architecture
  • Easy configuration
  • Database abstraction
  • Classes for HTML/XML manipulation
  • Classes for image processing
  • Classes to build user interfaces from widgets
  • Skinable

Any decent application can be built with Sulphur Phramework within minutes as you dont have to bother with building user interfaces.

Need a SplitPane layout or tabbed panes?
No problem at all. Just instanciate the appropriate classes and you are all set.

Are you puzzled on how to create a complex layout you received from a designer?
Easy as pie! Just create an instance of the Sulphur template engine and register template items and you are almost done.

Every aspect of Sulphur Phramework has been designed to enable you to solve most of any given problem within just a few lines of code. Sulphur will make that easy for you through its consistent nomenclature without the need to wrap your head around the php documentation.

As a PHP developer you are probably aware that the php syntax is very inconsistent for historical reasons. The fairly new object orientation in PHP is rather clumsy since most features of PHP are still based on functions. Sulphur introduces base classes and wrapper classes for natives to help you cope with that.

Given that the coding style in Sulphur is more like what you would expect from something like Java or C#